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New and Ex-Rental

As well as selling new equipment Premier Electronics can supply quality ex-rental TV’s, Videos and DVD Recorders fully guaranteed for 6 months. Only top brands like Panasonic, Sony and JVC are used and will easily outlast the hordes of cheap unknown branded Marques which are on sale in Supermarkets and other big chain stores.

Sky Equipment

Sky equipment is always available new and used from Sky HD and Sky + boxes, to normal Sky Digiboxes.

All types of Sky Remote controls are available too, also Sky remote eyes which can be used to change the Sky channel over from another room.


We can also obtain any type of remote control for numerous makes of TVs and other equipment. These are the genuine remotes for your set, not the cheap 3in1 type that you have to enter a code into before it will work and will only ever let you use certain functions as they cannot be programmed to copy all the original functions.

Why not give us a ring and we will replace that dog chewed, lost, or just broken remote with a new one? You will be surprised at how cheap the original remote can be.


Freeview boxes are also available and with analogue being switched off in a couple of years time these Terrestrial Digiboxes guarantee that you will be able to watch digital TV cheaply. So give us a ring and we will supply and install the Freeview box for you and get you set up for multi channel viewing cheaply and efficiently.


Finally if you are stuck with a pile of VHS tapes and your Video has broken down we can supply used Panasonic Videos serviced and guaranteed to last more than 12 months, unlike the cheap unheard of brands which are the only type of VCR available to Retail customers.

So give us a ring today for all your Home entertainment needs.